How To Dye Easter Eggs

Dyeing eggs for Easter is fun. I still do it. Here's my method,
or rather my mom's.

What you need:
1. Parchment paper, paper towels, or newspaper,
    a baking rack and large cookie pan.
2. Cups or bowls large and deep enough to hold an egg.
3. Slotted spoon or an egg dipper. Even a fork or tongs.
4. Boiling water.
5. Vinegar, either kind ok.
6. Liquid food colors
7. Cooled hard-boiled eggs.

Here we go:
1. Place your paper towels on parchment paper and put
    on a cookie sheet. (protects counter-tops)
2. Add about cup of boiling water to your cups.
    You decide how many cups to set up.
3. Add about 15 to 20 drops of a food color to each
4. Add  2 tsp. of vinegar to each cup.
5. Place egg on spoon and carefully put in cup. Let
    sit about 4 minutes. Water should cover egg.
6. Carefully remove egg to rack and allow to dry.


There are so many variations on egg dyeing and 
decorating. On the liquid colors box are instructions
for mixing dye for different colors, like orange or

See Pinterest or Google for many techniques to
color and decorate your eggs.

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