How To Hard Boil And Peel Eggs

Everybody has their own best way of boiling and peeling eggs.
For most of us it always seems a chore. This is my method and
the peeling part, well…it works. Give it a try.

1. Place eggs in a single layer in a large saucepan.
2. Cover with cool (not hot) water by an inch.
3. Start on low heat, for about a minute, increase to
    medium and let them come to boil.
4. After they start to boil, cover the eggs and turn off
    heat. Remove off burner.
5. Let the eggs sit covered in water for 16 minutes.
    I set my timer.

To Peel (after 16minutes)

1. Immediately set your saucepan in the sink and run 
    cold water over the eggs. When you can easily
     lift the eggs out and handle, you can start to peel.
2.  Take an egg from the water, hit each end against
     the sink, then roll the egg firmly cracking the shell.
3.  Follow the pictures above.

I found older eggs do a little better on the peeling part.
But I experimented 3 times using eggs 2 days, 1 week,
and 2 weeks after purchasing. All peeled as soon as I
was able to handle them from the water. Success.

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