Friday, October 2, 2015



For many years on Christmas Day I
have prepared these ribs. They are
easy, very delicious, fall off the
bone treat.

Thanks for the recipe Harry!!

3 slabs of Baby Back Ribs. And
  the package needs to say Baby
  Back. I find them at Sams.
  Never bought them anywhere
2 bottles (40 oz. each) of Sweet
  Baby Ray Barbecue Sauce
  (may not use all but we like
   extra sauce on the table)
Emeril's Original Essence Seasoning
  (also found at Sam's)

Prepare a large roasting pan with
  heavy duty aluminum foil. Put in ribs.
Sprinkle HEAVILY and PAT in the seasoning
  on the ribs..cover both sides and don't be
  shy. It can handle a lot of spice. I will use
  about a handful for both sides of a slab.
Cover the pan with foil to enclose.

Bake in a preheated oven 225-250 degrees.
Cook for 7 hours, (yes 7)
On the 8th hour, pour on the sauce, covering
  both sides. You can also check for tenderness
  now too with a fork.
Recover, back in the oven for the last hour.

Tender, tender, tender

*You may adjust your time according to how tender
  they are. But don't keep checking every hour,
  not necessary. It will take this long. I have put
  4 slabs in one roaster, up the temp to 250, gave
  them another 1/2 hour. You know your oven.
  They can overlap each other. (My friend also
   has cut the slabs in half. Makes her feel better.)

 *I also cook them all night, putting them in the
   oven at midnight. Sure smells good in the morning!!

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